Consequences of Bad Marketing


There are so many platforms available for anyone to share what they want on social media. I have broken the crowds that I observe on a daily basis into three groups.

  • The creeps. They have profiles and never post anything but are always lurking.
  • The regular people. They post pictures of their kids and food.
  • The entrepreneurs. Ranging from rappers all the way to real estate agents.

Simple Guidelines 

To me it is really simple. People are visual and they do not read. The more images you give them about a topic the more likely they are to remember. The better the quality of the image the higher the post engagement. Emotional post, posts about current events and positive quotes always do well.

The worst approach

My two least favorite self marketing approaches are “post everything” and post “only one thing” with no subject breaks. For the person that post everything, every time I look at my time line I careless and less. For the person that post one thing like a robot, your subject matter is so predictable and dry.


A media schedule with scheduled days or rest. A schedule comprised of post that revolve around your product, service or talent, every three post you may want touch on something that just the community cares about. It is just not fair to not acknowledge that other things beside your product or service are taking place.

Your clients are a reflection of your marketing 

Marketing attracts different people for different reasons. An easy way to test if your doing effective marketing is to look at the type of clients you have. Are you happy with them? Can they afford your product? Are they respectful of your time? Do they complain endlessly or generally know what to expect? Are they referring people to you that you enjoy working with or bringing you more headache customers?

The likes that matter 

There are tricks to getting likes, programs, apps hashtag work arounds etc. None of those likes matter if it is not comprised of your target audience. Likes need to come from potential customers and potential mentors in order to generate dollars and a genuine buzz. Tag things that matter and make sure your developing a professional following as well. This includes designers of clothing and restaurants. After all this is where fruitful collaborations and endorsements come from.

Setting your own pace 

Once you have a marketing roll out plan stick to it and be realistic. You can not let outsiders such as family or even customers that have no idea what you are working on behind the scenes rush your final products or presentation of new things. Sloppy presentation is never cool. Nothing worse than catching the attention you have been waiting for and then loosing it because your not appearing consistent or polished. When preparation meets opportunity it is wonderful. Stop rushing everything.There is a difference between rushed and flawlessly executed with diligence.


Why prolong the process of greatness. Start with the visuals and keep your mission statement and objective clear through usage of precise caption and or tag lines. Watch how things change when you get the likes that matter.